When Golden West College opened in 1966, the architectural design was viewed as being highly futuristic. The design was a lively topic of conservation, both critical and acclaim! 

The 122 acres the campus is built on, has a history of being the site of the Lewis Farm. (cabbage was one of the main crops)  I thought the campus community would like to see the original Lewis Farm tin barn.  The barn was used for a number of years by Buildings & Grounds, which is now Maintenance & Operations, as their office and corporation yard.  Note: The sign next to the door, Buildings & Grounds. The first two photos show the rear of the Lewis Farm-House in the distant background. The front of the house faced McFadden Avenue. The third photo shows the office entrance at the north end of the barn.

Note: The sign next to the door, Buildings & Grounds.  The fourth photo is the original pump house that supplied water to the farm’s 122 acres.  

Photos from the College History Project
John Wordes, College Historian