Al Gore emphasizes education in GWC speech. The following are some excerpts from a Western staff writer, Simon Slifman. (Western Sun issue Thursday, September 17, 1992)

Gore presented a 20-minute speech focusing on major issues of the upcoming election— including the economy, the environment, health care, and change within the political system—to a crowd consisting of students, faculty classified staff, administrators, and visitors. Gore stated the main issue for this election is the economy—-“One of the ways to get our economy moving forward again,” he continued, “is to put people first and start investing in national priorities, like education.”

Following his speech, Gore was surrounded by Secret Service Agents. Gore shook the hands of audience members in the front row while being followed by various members of the media who, afterward, pursued quotes from students and other visitors at the event.

Special Note: The day following Al Gore’s visit, an iron manhole cover approximately fifty feet away from the outdoor stage area, blew several feet in the air, caused by a below-ground electrical explosion. No one was injured, fortunately, but just think what the gathered crowds reaction and Secret Service Agents, would have been!

Photos from College History Project
John Wordes


Supporters of the opposing party also showed up to support their candidates.