Grocery Merchandising Program

Grocery merchandising was a certificate program offered by the Business Division- from 1966-1988.

The following description is from the 1966/67 GWC Catalog.

The curriculum in grocery merchandising is arranged in two patterns to meet the needs of those men and women seeking a career in this field of retailing. The program includes training in the theory and practice of operating grocery stores and supermarkets. The grocery laboratory is equipped with modern Voycall address system, cash registers, scales, check stands, shelves, other display equipment and merchandise.

Intensive Nine-Week Program
Students attend the Grocery Merchandising class—Management/Retail 61—from 9:00 to 12:00 noon, five mornings per week. Intensive training is given in cash register technique, use of scales, presentation of merchandise, pricing, inventory procedures, and sales promotion practices.

Two-Year Program
Students who wish to obtain the Associate in Arts degree should meet requirements for the Business Management and Retailing Major.

Grocery Class
Students using cash registers
student using cash register